The Team

Meet everyone on the team. New faces will be added!

Steve Howe Zach Reiser
Editor-in-Chief/PresidentDirector of Development
Steve has been in the comic industry as a retailer for more than 5 years, and a writer/artist of comics since he was in his early teens. Steve has been in and around the entertainment industry since the last 90s. Having ran a successful retail business for nearly 7 years, Steve understands the struggles that face small business and looks at each comic property as part of a small business.Zach has been an avid comic reader for most of his adult life. Understanding what makes a great comic has helped him understand and excel in the industry, as well as being co-owner of a comic book store. His insights are nearly indispensable to the success of Norse Comics Group. He also brings a sense of humor often missing in meetings.